Firm Profile

I grew up in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles in my teens. I was always fascinated with history, and I loved to debate political and social issues. My ability to remember even the smallest details fascinated my friends and family.

After earning my bachelor’s degree from California State University, Los Angeles, I went on to teach high school history and biology. During this time, I began to study accounting at friend's suggestion that I consider a profession which would guarantee my famly a strong financial future. I quickly found that tax practice, in particular, suited my detail-oriented personality and allowed me to share my knowledge with clients on an individual basis, just as I had done in the classroom.

After I received my MBA, I joined the tax department at Arthur Andersen & Co. I spent three years there while I worked toward my CPA certification. In 1983, I joined Arkin, Sneddon & Co. I became the Tax and Computer Partner in 1988, and spearheaded the firm’s move into the Digital Age.

In 2000, I brought my twenty years of tax experience to GSO Business Management after hearing about the firm’s solid reputation within the business management community. As Tax Manager, I oversaw the firm’s transition into a paperless office: today, almost all client tax returns are filed electronically. The tax department has also successfully implemented a utility program to improve the efficiency of preparing multi-state returns. Our expertise is in preparing multistate individual and business tax returns and interfacing with all state tax authorities as needed. Our team is dedicated to providing clients with top-notch service.

I find my greatest fulfillment as a tax professional is in standing up for taxpayers. I frequently use my intellect and expertise to appeal my clients’ cases before the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board. My devotion has inspired me to establish my own tax practice, through which I serve small businesses and individuals in my community. I continue to love teaching, relishing the ability to share my vast expertise with the next generation of accountants.

I enjoy swimming and reading, am active in my temple, and love to travel.  I have two grown children.

BA History, 1966, California State University, Los Angeles

MA History, 1968, California State University, Los Angeles

MBA Accounting, 1977, California State University, Los Angeles

Certified, 1980, California State Board of Accountancy

Member, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Member, California Society of Certified Public Accountants